All components will pass through inspection at the relevant intervention points as specified in the Quality Control Plan (QCP) as set out by the customer.

Cooling coil inspection will take place as and when they are presented to inspection for final approval. Once visual, dimensional checks, ball test and pressure test have been conducted, the welds will then be X-ray and Dye penetrant tested. The coils will then move on to the foundry for further processing. 

After the casting process, components are visually inspected, thermal image test conducted and ball test done. Based on the outcome, components will then be sent for machining. After manufacturing has been completed, the components will then be submitted for Final inspection before release.

At inspection there are a few facilities to assist with the process such as pressure test bay, flow test bay, visual inspection area and Final inspection area. The pressure test bay is equipped with 5 pressure test points with calibrated gauges that will show any deflection in pressure drop. Individual Circuits are tested at 2 000 kPa. The flow test facility allows for monitoring of the rate of flow through the casting coil to ensure

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