The Casting process starts off by creating patterns in our fully equipped on site pattern manufacturing facility. The pattern is released to the foundry after inspection and then located in the mould for the specific casting as  manufactured from the pattern. The Sand Reclamation Plant provides reclaimed sand to the continuous sand mixers that automatically adjust ratios of sand-to-catalyst according to the prevailing weather conditions.

The fully equipped foundry has 7 furnaces, 4 gas fired units each with a capacity of 2 000 kg, and 2 induction furnaces which combined capacity, allows us to produce a casting with a cast mass of 17 tons. The Induction furnaces also produce a variety of ferrous alloys, with our specialty range of stainless steels.

The Foundry has 7 000 m² of floor space serviced by 6 overhead high temperature-rated cranes (5 tons to 15 ton) with a hook height of 7 meters. The fettling plant has automatic shake-out, sand reclamation unit, cut-off equipment and conventional swing-grinders.

A grit-blast cleaning plant ensures that all surface imperfections are removed before being presented to the Inspection team and then machining.