Metix and Thos Begbie Collaborates

Metix and Thos Begbie Collaborates

Metix (SMS Group) and Thos Begbie have recently concluded a systems audit and associated agreement that sees Thos Begbie become an accredited refurbishment partner for Metix copper equipment. Thos Begbie will enjoy confidential access to the design details, specifications and quality requirements of the Metix equipment, affording them the ability to apply their proven competencies in copper machining and welding in extending the life of proven Metix solutions.

Thos Begbie will be supported by Metix’s experienced quality control team to ensure that refurbished equipment satisfies the fundamentals of the OEM.

Clients are encouraged to make contact with Thos Begbie should their Metix copper equipment require refurbishment. The Thos Begbie team will guide Clients through a two part assessment of their Metix equipment to quantify the condition and eligibility of the components for repair.

Metix is excited about this new collaboration, and looks forward to continuing to add value to our clients in the after-sales service of its proven technology equipment for the pyrometallurgical sector.

Announcement via LinkedIn: Metix and Thos Begbie Collaborates