This large facility can handle components with a mass of 35 000 kg. The cranes can lift to a height of 10 meters. The facility has a 35 x 22 meters assembly floor which is used to proof assemble furnaces or other large items of equipment.

The facility is equipped with a heat treatment facility, Castable refractory curing furnace, a horizontal 500-ton hydraulic forming press, welding manipulators, Guillotines, TIG, MIG and arc welding stations.

Assisting with more complex engineering, a NC aided Robotic welding machine was installed to help with precision welding. Semi-automated NC mandrel pipe bending machine is used for the complex pipe layouts. The result being consistency throughout.

Fabrication is done by qualified artisans. Welding is performed by coded expert welders over a range of all grades of materials. Extensive expertise has been built up around copper fabrication and refurbishment, as well as Monel and other exotic alloys.

Sophisticated tight tolerance coil fabrication with X-ray quality welds, is manufactured to be imbedded in the cast pyrometallurgical components in a wide range of exotic alloys.

Buss bars and other High Voltage equipment is also fabricated for the pyrometallurgical industry.

Catering for refurbishment of Pyrometallurgical components is also a large part of the business. Components that have been damaged or worn during use are often refurbished to an as good as new status. All components undergo extensive nondestructive testing prior and post refurbishment.

Because we are also the Original Equipment Manufacturer, we can offer an expert opinion to smelters as to what the acceptable extent of refurbishment is.