The Casting process starts off by creating patterns in our fully equipped pattern manufacturing facility. The pattern is released to the foundry after inspection and then the molds for the specific casting is manufactured from the pattern print. The sand reclamation plant provides reclaim sand to the Continuous sand mixers that automatically adjusts according to the correct binding catalyst needed for the sand molds.

The fully equipped foundry has 7 furnaces, 4 gas fired units each with a capacity of 2 000 kg, this configuration allows us to produce a casting with a cast mass of 8 tons. Copper Melting induction furnaces units include two 750 kg, one 1000kg and 2-ton baskets for general melting.

The Foundry has 6 500 sq. meters of floor space serviced by 6 overhead cranes (5 tons to 15 ton) with a hook height of 7 meters. The fettling plant has automatic shake out, sand attrition and reclamation, cut-off equipment and conventional swing grinders.

A grit blast cleaning plant ensures that all small attachments are removed so that a clean casting is submitted to the machining division.