The machining equipment is housed in a 3 000 sq. meter facility. Our General Engineering Department is well equipped CNC Machines and due to the nature of our work, we are also still making use of conventional machines.
  • This Department is divided into a Heavy Bay, CNC Bay and Light Bay.
  • Each Division is equipped with overhead Cranes with SWL capacity that ranges from 5 000 kg to 20 000kg.
  • Our machining facility consists of 9 CNC Machines:
    • 6 CNC Boring Mills (3-axis Machine assisted with an index-able B axis)
    • 2 CNC Milling machines (3-axis)
    • 1 CNC Lathe
  • Our sophisticated CNC Programming department designs and compiles NC-Programs for the CNC machines with state-of-the-art NC Programming software that allows us to either import customer 3D Solid Models or create a 3D model from 2D drawings that assists with precision machining, machine simulations and ultimately eliminating errors.
  • Deep Hole Drilling Machine capable of drilling to depths of 1.2 meters
  • 10 Conventional Machines that consists of Vertical Lathes, Boring Mills, Radial Drilling Machines and Conventional Horizontal Lathes.
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